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Our clients know and expect that we are client-centric, detail-oriented, results driven, and most importantly, that we don’t get in the way of the deal.

We skillfully manage each transaction from inception to closing, working together with ownership, management, tax advisors, accountants, investment bankers and business brokers throughout the deal process. Taking a creative, practical and detail-oriented approach to each transaction, we take care to understand the specific objectives and goals of the client, the nuances of the business and those specific to the industry, while simultaneously balancing accepted practice in market for similar matters.

Helping Buyers and Sellers Evaluate and Structure Deals to Maximize Value and Minimize Risk

If your company is contemplating, or already involved in, a merger, acquisition or divestiture, there are innumerable moving parts to be considered. Silverman Schermer has the expertise and experience to assist your company in structuring the deal to best suit your organization’s needs. Whether representing buyers or sellers, our attorneys effectively and efficiently manage deals from every angle and aspect, from inception and analysis of offers through post-closing transition and adjustments.

What to Look for When Choosing an M&A Attorney

Not all M&A attorneys are created equal. What sets Silverman Schermer apart is our experience in handling both middle market transactions as well as deals valued in the billions. We are well versed in all aspects of M&A law, including:

  • Identifying your business objectives and anticipating and resolving potential impediments to the timely execution of the transaction
  • Creating a realistic timeline and managing the transaction from inception to closing
  • Designing optimal transaction structures, including stock sales, asset sales, equity recapitalizations and advising on the benefits of alternative approaches
  • Reviewing, analyzing, comparing and negotiating offers as part of a competitive bidding process to achieve the best possible price and deal terms
  • Conducting due diligence
  • Engaging with auditors and other experts
  • Determining tax implications
  • Ensuring compliance with all state and federal regulations
  • Working with and obtaining consent from lenders, landlords, key clients and other third-parties
  • Managing your “deal team” and keeping you apprised throughout the process in a clear and understandable manner
  • Dealing proactively, collaboratively and effectively with the many stakeholders who may be involved

Who We Represent

We represent owners and executive management, and have extensive experience with both buy-side and sell-side transactions as well as experience in structuring and negotiating complex joint ventures. Recognizing that buyers and sellers have different interests, Silverman Schermer applies the same level of professionalism and expertise in representing its clients, regardless of what "hat" they wear in the transaction.

Learn More About How We Can Help

When Silverman Schermer represents a client in any M&A transaction, we manage the entire transaction process, work to achieve maximum value with minimal risk, and assure compliance with laws and regulations. We successfully take our clients across the finish line to close the deal. To schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys, please call us at 954-314-4000 or contact us online.

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